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Professional Horse Services, LLC

Mike & Stephanie Jennings formed Professional Horse Services, LLC to focus on providing Professional marketing and other services to the Quarter Horse and performance horse industry. 

Mike Jennings has handled sale transactions for more than 50,000 horses in over 325 horse auctions with clients in all 50 states and 14 countries.  With 35 years of experience creating and managing auctions for horses, he is the most experienced show horse auction manager in the country.

Offering ONLINE Services that include:

  • Online Auctions
  • Custom Online Auctions for Dispersal and Production Sales
  • Custom Marketing for Private Sales
  Sporthorseauctions.com by Flashpoint Bloodstock, LLC

Sporthorseauctions.com provides sales and marketing solutions for breeders, owners and industry professionals.  Active marketing to a world-wide audience accelerates the process giving sellers a fixed time-frame for their sales.

Tim and Cathy Jennings, who bring decades of auction experience and two lifetimes in the horse business to 21st century digital marketing, lead the company. Together they bring a vast and diverse set of skills and knowledge to the Sport Horse Industry while pioneering Online Horse Auctions.  

Tim Jennings is a record setting auctioneer who has been in the auction business for over 35 years managing such sales as The Pony Finals Auction, the AQHA World Championship Show Sale and the All-American Quarter Horse Congress Super Sale. Tim has marketed and managed more that 350 live horse auctions. 

Cathy is a World Champion exhibitor and judge and a lifelong horsewoman. She has been directly involved with sellers in determining the value of their horses and managing their reserves. 

Our mission is to provide unique and creative online marketing services to horse owners, breeders, and equestrian enthusiasts.

Sporthorseauctions.com offers a vibrant online marketplace with the latest in technology and support.  Our Online Services Include:

  • Online Auctions for Sport Horses & Ponies
  • Custom Marketing for Private Sales
  • Custom Online Auctions for Production, Dispersal and Retirement Sales

sporthorseauctions.com by Flashpoint Bloodstock, LLC : bidsflashpoint@comcast.net

Professional Horse Services, LLC : info@prohorseservices.com

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