Christmas Pony and Holiday Horse Auctions

November 29, 2018 to December 06, 2018

LOT 2: Frosted Sandsation

1994 Sorrel Mare - 13 hh - Consigned by Amy Bowser - Michigan

* NEW VIDEOS * One of those ponies that are worth their weight in gold for being kid safe. The perfect age and temperament for a first time rider.

  • Type/Breed: Welsh Cross
  • Size: 13 hh
  • Papers: Yes
  • Registry: PtHA
  • Reg #: 137097


Horsey is one of those ponies that are worth their weight in gold for being kid safe. 

Don't let her age fool you, she is the perfect age and temperament for a first time rider.  She has a second gait which would be similar to a running walk so no bouncing if the rider gets going too fast by accident.  She will trot but prefers to gait while ridden.  Halter and lead rope is sufficient for riding her in the yard. 

Out on trails we would usually us a short shank hackamore just so the kid had a little extra leverage to prevent snacking in long grass. Another bonus is that she was born deaf.  No loud noises will every spook her!  This does not affect he abilities in any way. 

She will move off with leg pressure and neck reins or plow rein for direction.  If you happen to startle her while she's sleeping she does not react at all other that a small `hey where did you come from.`   She has been to shows when she was younger with no issues.  Does know how to do showmanship type stuff. 

She was used by a 4-H barn a couple summers ago to help teach the very novice kids during kid camp and she loved it.  They had parts of the horse papers stuck all over her, it was cute.  She would also be good in a therapeutic riding program for small children.  About 6 years ago she was allowed to get overweight because of miscommunication of her feeding requirements.  It was at that time the vet diagnosed her with Insulin Resistance.  Her only symptoms that prompted the vet visit was she was sore in her front feet for a short period of time.  Since then she has been maintained on a low starch diet and not allowed to get heavy with no further problems.  Her teeth were done this spring along with her 5/1, West Nile, and Potomac vaccines. 

She is used to being outside with just a run-in shed.  She will cough a little if a stall or arena is dusty.  When she lived in a sandy area we would put a fly mask on her in the summer to help with the blowing dust. It makes her eyes water.  She has been further south in Michigan currently where we have more clay and has done well.  She is typically the low man in the pasture and is used to cows and pigs.   

The first couple photos were taken years ago but they were good conformational photos.  The other two photos were taken this summer.  She is very fuzzy right now.

NOTE: Rider in the videos is 5`9

Consignor: Amy Bowser

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Owner: Mary Bush

Location/City: Maybee

Location/State: Michigan

Coggins Test-Date Drawn: Apr 16, 2018

Health and Soundness Information

Cribber: No

Weaver: No

Nerved: No

Foundered: No

Parrot Mouth: No

Major Surgery: No

Colic/Resection Surgery: No

Past Lameness: Yes,

See description

Other defects, abnormalities or blemishes: No

Disposition Information

Scale 1 to 10: 1 = Best, 10 = Worst, NP = Info Not Provided

General Disposition: 1

Stall Manners: 1

Farrier: 1

Loading & Trailering: 1

Clipping: 1

Gets along with other horses: 1

Riding & Training Information

Scale 1 to 10: 1 = Beginner, 10 = Professional, NP = Info Not Provided

Level of Experience required by rider or handler: 1

Scale 1 to 10: 1 = Bombproof, 10 = Hot, NP = Info Not Provided

Rating for riding or handling disposition of horse: 1

Professional Training: No

Professional Training Comments:

  • Extremely well broke for riding

Disciplines: Trail Riding