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November 29, 2018 to December 06, 2018

LOT 50: A special offering from Melinda Zalesky's Quicksilver Welsh Ponies

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  • Type/Breed: Welsh Pony
  • Papers: No


Quicksilver Farms Beautiful Welsh hunter ponies from proven pedigrees We are an active farm specializing in breeding/training registered Section B Welsh ponies and half-Welsh ponies for the "A" circuit hunter ring.

Our ponies are handled daily, have wonderful dispositions and are competitive in the Welsh and hunter competitions. They are selected for their conformation, temperament, movement and excellent pedigrees.  We have been breeding and training Welsh ponies since 2001, but our experience in the equine world has spanned over 4 decades.

Melinda Zalesky, owner and trainer, grew up on a Quarter Horse farm in Mississippi and competed across the United States for many years. She later trained and rode for a Quarter Horse ranch in Argentina and then began concentrating on riding hunt seat while living in Mexico City. Upon returning to the United States in 1997, she began training ponies and teaching riding lessons at the family's farm in Kingsport, TN.

In January of 2003, Melinda and her family moved to Chardon, OH where they lived until July 2012. The farm was relocated then to the beautiful Charleston, SC area and all the ponies and people are loving the new place.  They also maintain a second farm in Jonesborough, TN.  Quicksilver Farms, LLC is owned and operated by Alex and Melinda Zalesky.

Melinda handles the day to day operations of the farm and oversees the training and breeding activities. 

Consignor: Melinda Zalesky Quicksilver Farm

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Owner: Melinda Zalesky Quicksilver Farm

Location/City: Huger

Location/State: South Carolina

Health and Soundness Information

Cribber: No

Weaver: No

Nerved: No

Foundered: No

Parrot Mouth: No

Major Surgery: No

Colic/Resection Surgery: No

Past Lameness: No

Other defects, abnormalities or blemishes: No

Disposition Information

Scale 1 to 10: 1 = Best, 10 = Worst, NP = Info Not Provided

General Disposition: NP

Stall Manners: NP

Farrier: NP

Loading & Trailering: NP

Clipping: NP

Gets along with other horses: NP

Riding & Training Information

Scale 1 to 10: 1 = Beginner, 10 = Professional, NP = Info Not Provided

Level of Experience required by rider or handler: NP

Scale 1 to 10: 1 = Bombproof, 10 = Hot, NP = Info Not Provided

Rating for riding or handling disposition of horse: NP

Professional Training: No