KWPN-NA Stallion Service Auction

February 22, 2019 to February 22, 2019

LOT 17: CHOICE of VDL Navarone or Schroeder

Donated by Kathy Hickerson Majestic Gaits

High Bidder gets their CHOICE!

  • Type/Breed: KWPN
  • Papers: Yes



Breed to Navarone for Versatility, Trainability, Jumping, Dressage and Beautiful foals that will excel in sport. 

Navarone produces athletes! He has produced international Grand Prix jumping and Eventing champions (example: Thunder III, Touchable, Navarre). They also excel in dressage like himself. Navarone's offspring have his correct conformation, gorgeous head, powerful gaits along with a temperament and willingness to match. 

This is an athletic beautiful stallion! He is a favorite in the barn and shows. He loves people. His trainability is just so easy anyone could ride him. With his athletic abilities and trainability, he is a winner in any sport!

Navarone has jumped successfully to 1.40m level but showed us his love for dressage and competed to Grand Prix dressage. Navarone produces power behind, nice length of neck, pretty offspring and the best character/personality you can find. 

The Navarone offspring love people and love to work. It is not only fun to take Navarone to the shows, but also for his offspring. He is stamping his foals with the best character you can find! Producing KWPN 1st Premium and Top Five Offspring. The amateur and the professionals love his offspring. Fantastic trainability and well balanced young.


Schroeder is a gorgeous FEI Grand Prix Dressage stallion with unique world-class champion bloodlines, trainability and good character. 

He has three times qualified for the National Dressage Championships, 3rd Nationally, been regional Champion and qualified for the Young Horse Championships. He has ranked in the top USEF DSHB Sire of the Year for several years. 

Schroeder's offspring not only have the same talent for FEI dressage, but are a favorite among the amateurs and professionals. Schroeder stamps, tall, long legged modern type with a good topline. They are winning in the dressage ring and breed shows! Offspring success include: Jackson MG - Champion USDF KWPN-NA Colt and Champion NEDA Futurity; Shalimar ggf - Champion Hilltop Farm MPT Elite Mare; Reserve Regional Champion DSHB four-year-old; Reserve Champion AHS USDF HOY Broodmare (2014 & 2015), Champion AHS inspection and Grand Champion Windswept Breed Show; Edge - Champion First Level. Frauloma MG - First Premium, site Champion, High Score dressage filly KWPN Keuring, Reserve Champion Windswept and NEDA Fall USDF Championships (79.%); Florette MG - First Premium KWPN Keuring, Mature Horse Champion UNH Breed Show; Summer Samber - Oldenburg Premium Foal; Galileo MG - Champion Foal USDF Windswept Breed Show; Shaharazad RHR - Gold Premium RPSI; Sinatra Hit - ISR/Oldenburg Premium and inspection site High Score Colt and qualified for National Dressage Championships; Endretti GF - Reserve Champion Southeast USDF Series and Champion Two-Year-Old USDF HOY! 

Schroeder's sire, Sandro Hit, was the Six-Year-Old Dressage World Champion in 1999. Schroeder's dam, SPS Esmeralda, was the 2002 Champion Mare at the famous Louis-Wiegel Show and was the 2nd place finisher at the Ratje-Niebuhr Show. 

Schroeder's grandsire, Escudo I, won his performance test and was the SixYear-Old World Jumping Champion in Germany in 1997. Breed to Schroeder for a top FEI prospect.

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Location/City: Lebanon

Location/State: Connecticut

Breeding Fee: $1,750

Breeding Expense:


Breeding Fee: $1,750

  • Live foal guarantee, 1st collection not included.
  • Available Breeding Methods: Fresh - Shipped Semen
  • Collection Fee: $350
  • Approvals: KWPN, OLD GOV, ARS, ISR Oldenburg/NA, BWP, RPSI, SWANA for Swedish mares, Canadian Warmblood and Canadian Sporthorse, Westfalen for Westfalen and Rhineland mares


Breeding Fee: $1,750

  • Booking Fee: $350 (included)
  • Available Breeding Methods: Shipped Semen: Yes;  Cooled: Yes;  Frozen: Yes
  • Collection Fee: $275
  • Approvals: AHS, HV, ARS, GOV, ISR/
  • OLD NA, BWP, RPSI, Canadian Warmblood and Canadian Sporthorse, KWPN-PROK, Scoping and Sport requirements approved. Westphalian for Westphalian or Rhinelander mares.

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