2020 January INTERNET Auction - Lots 201 to 257

January 18, 2020 to January 23, 2020

LOT 248: Texas Expression

APHA / PtHA / PHBA 2018 Palomino / Overo Mare (Texas Trademark x PDR Blonde Expression) (Arizona)

APHA & PtHA Point Earner in Halter and In Hand Trail.

Breed Incentives: APHA Breeders Trust

  • Type/Breed: APHA
  • Size: 15.3 measured with a level AT THE HIP
  • Papers: Yes
  • Registry: APHA / PtHA / PHBA
  • Reg #: 1080499
  • Other Breed: PtHA / PHBA
  • Other Breed Reg #: PHBA 91414


""Dallas"" was foaled, trained, lightly fitted and then shown by my novice Amateur husband, his first year showing and it was a huge success! They took Grands and Reserves in both APHA and PtHA!

Dallas has APHA points in:
3 Open Halter
3 Amateur Halter
2 In Hand Trail (1st under both judges, last show, going against 3 horses that showed at World).
She has pinto points in Open and Amateur halter: 8 Open and 2 Amateur Halter points.

This horse LOVES obstacles. She wants a job. We show babies and once they turn 2, we sell them, but Dallas is ready to go on to a riding career. She has been saddled twice with no issues. She has had a couple months off, but could also be fitted back up and shown halter. She has been kept blanketed and under lights so she isn't far from ready to go show.

This filly has eye appeal for days. She would be an AWESOME Ranch Show prospect. She is super sweet and loving. She has a fun personality. Her sire and dam were both a solid 16h so she is going to be big. 5 panel NN by parentage.

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Location/City: Chino Valley

Location/State: Arizona

Page Impressive
Spot of Page
My Friend Fancy
SIRE: Texas Trademark
Titans Flit
Eternal Flit
Eternal Star Dust

A Shady Broker
A Broker by Daylight
Dark til Dawn
DAM: PDR Blonde Expression
Impressed Forever
Tardys Fever
A Special Fever

Coggins Test-Date Drawn: Jul 13, 2019

Accession #: KP977

State Where Coggins Issued: Lab State: Arizona

Health and Soundness Information

NP = Info Not Provided

Cribber: No

Weaver: No

Nerved: No

Foundered: No

Parrot Mouth: No

Major Injury and/or Surgery: Yes,

Not a serious injury, just in the spirit of disclosure, she ripped open the skin on the front of her right front and we had it stitched at the clinic. No lameness or anything, just a surface wound.

Colic/Resection Surgery: No

Past Lameness: No

Other defects, abnormalities or blemishes: No

Disposition Information

Scale 1 to 10: 1 = Best, 10 = Worst, NP = Info Not Provided

General Disposition: 2

Stall Manners: 1

Farrier: 8

Loading & Trailering: 3

Clipping: 9

Gets along with other horses: 1

Riding & Training Information

Scale 1 to 10: 1 = Beginner, 10 = Professional, NP = Info Not Provided

Level of Experience required by rider or handler: 4

Scale 1 to 10: 1 = Bombproof, 10 = Hot, NP = Info Not Provided

Rating for riding or handling disposition of horse: 3

Professional Training: No

Professional Training Comments:

Dallas has been handled by us, my husband is a novice. She is a young horse and therefore I put 4. But she is a sweet horse. She could use some work on clipping. She is generally good for the farrier, but she could use work on standing still. We just havent been able to put the time forth.

Disciplines: Halter