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April 05, 2021 to April 08, 2021

LOT 107: Ran Ten Work Saddle - 17 inch seat

(South Carolina)

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  • Type/Breed: OTHER
  • Papers: No


RAN TEN 17"" saddle, FQHB, roper or for trail or work saddle. Ran Ten is a saddle maker out of Alabama. Excellent condition. Wrapped horn. Fleece is good, suede seat, ready to ride.

This saddle works great for folks who need a bigger seat but who also have a short leg because the stirrups will raise on up for you. As photographed, I have the stirrups way on up to accommodate my short inseam - I'm 5'2"" tall.

NOTE: The sturrup leather is turned around to set the stirrups.  Just unbuckle and turn the bottom strrup leather around for the fenders to lay flat.  The stirrup leathers are long enough to fit a fairly tall rider.  If you enlarge the 1st photo you can see how much slack comes back up inside the fender.

The stirrup leathers have also been twisted to turn the fender, again to accommodate my knees. Nice comfy wide stirrups, leather covered. Horn wrap is perfect and tight.

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Location/City: Goose Creek

Location/State: South Carolina

Health and Soundness Information

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Cribber: No

Weaver: No

Nerved: No

Foundered: No

Parrot Mouth: No

Major Injury and/or Surgery: No

Colic/Resection Surgery: No

Past Lameness: No

Other defects, abnormalities or blemishes: No

Disposition Information

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General Disposition: NP

Stall Manners: NP

Farrier: NP

Loading & Trailering: NP

Clipping: NP

Gets along with other horses: NP

Riding & Training Information

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Level of Experience required by rider or handler: NP

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Rating for riding or handling disposition of horse: NP

Professional Training: No

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