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April 05, 2021 to April 08, 2021

LOT 104: Mighty Mouse

Grade 2015 Grulla Gelding (Unknown x Unknown) (South Carolina)

Crosses logs, jump up on rocks, wades through water, tromps through mud, climbs his way up hills, and glides down steep banks. Suitable for any level rider. NEW Photos & Videos

  • Type/Breed: Grade - Not registered
  • Size: 16.1 1/2 hands REVISED
  • Papers: No
  • Reg #: Grade



""Mighty Mouse"" has and does it all! This is hands down the most level headed and easiest going individual I've had in the barn. He is just 6 years old, stands 16.3, and is a one of a kind grulla crossbred gelding. It doesn't matter whether you're 6 or 60, you can get along with this horse. Mousey is brave hearted and loves nothing more than to strike out on a good trail ride.

He crosses logs, jump up on rocks, wades through water, tromps through mud, climbs his way up hills, and glides down steep banks. Nothing phases him! I'm confident in saying it would be harder to find something he won't cross than he will. If you can sit in a saddle and lay the bridle reins across his neck, you have all the skills needed to maneuver this handsome fellow. This horse is incredibly easy to neck rein, he'll also move off your leg and even do a nice slow pivot. He's got a great ground covering walk, he can jog slow or move out in a long trot, he knows both his leads, and lopes pretty circles.

Great with tarps, vehicles, dogs, etc. Not only has this horse seen miles on the trails, he has been roped off of, penned steers, and used at the ranch rodeos. If you want make a pick up horse out of him, I believe he would take to it like a duck to water. He's not only good at what he does, he'll make you look good too! If you have the desire to go show, I think we would also make a prime candidate for a dressage or eventing prospect. It is going to be hard to let this horse, he's very easy to fall in love with. He is so willing and always does his best to do whatever you ask. Sells 100% sound.

NOTE: Measured height 16.1 1/2 hands 4/2/21



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Location/City: Walhalla

Location/State: South Carolina

SIRE: Unknown

DAM: Unknown

Health and Soundness Information

NP = Info Not Provided

Cribber: No

Weaver: No

Nerved: No

Foundered: No

Parrot Mouth: No

Major Injury and/or Surgery: No

Colic/Resection Surgery: No

Past Lameness: No

Other defects, abnormalities or blemishes: No

Disposition Information

Scale 1 to 10: 1 = Best, 10 = Worst, NP = Info Not Provided

General Disposition: 1

Stall Manners: 1

Farrier: NP

Loading & Trailering: 1

Clipping: 1

Gets along with other horses: NP

Riding & Training Information

Scale 1 to 10: 1 = Beginner, 10 = Professional, NP = Info Not Provided

Level of Experience required by rider or handler: 1

Scale 1 to 10: 1 = Bombproof, 10 = Hot, NP = Info Not Provided

Rating for riding or handling disposition of horse: 1

Professional Training: Yes,

2 years

Professional Training Comments:


Disciplines: Ranch Horse Experience, Ranch Sorting, Trail Riding, Western General Riding