Young Jumper Championships Stallion Service Auction

March 01, 2017 to March 14, 2017

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Welcome to the 2017 Young Jumper Championships Stallion Service Auction.

This is a great opportunity to purchase breedings to some of the best show jumping stallions in the country. Good Luck Bidding!

Please do not take the terms for granted, check on all of them so you are clear.  You will be bound by them whether you have read them or not.

7% Buyer's Premium added to the final bid on all purchases.

All transactions are in United States Dollars (USD)

Auction Dates/Times: Start: March 01, 2017 9:00 PM ET
Close: March 14, 2017 7:00 PM ET
Auction Description:

The owners of these stallions have generously donated breedings to support the Young Jumper Championships. 

Please read the Terms of Sale for the Auction as you will be bound by them whether you have read them or not. 

7% Buyer's Premium added to the final bid on all purchases.

All transactions are in United States Dollars (USD)


TERMS & CONDITIONS - ONLINE AUCTION PURCHASE CONTRACT by Flashpoint Bloodstock, LLC (Flashpoint) & the Young Jumper Championships (YJC)

  • One breeding per stallion will be sold to the high bidder.
  • Minimum bid of  $25 required to advance.
  • Payment is due within three (3) days.
  • Breeding is to be consummated in 2017 unless otherwise allowed by stallion owner.
  • Breeding is non-transferrable without express written consent of the stallion owner/manager.
  • All responsibility for this breeding and delivery of semen lies between the buyer and the stallion manager/owner.


a) I represent and agree that I am of legal age to form a binding contract. 

b) I (hereinafter, referred to as Buyer) agree to these terms and conditions, and swear that all the information furnished is true and correct.

c) Buyer agrees to be responsible for any purchase made or actions taken by an Agent authorized by me to act on my behalf,

d) Buyer agrees that this registration to bid is not assignable without the express written approval of Flashpoint 

e) Buyer agrees to make any sale transaction for this entry through Flashpoint

f) Buyer agrees that if they have the winning, final bid, or accepted bid in auction subject to Seller Confirmation, the Buyer has entered into a binding agreement to purchase the breeding.

2. BUYER’S RESPONSIBILITY: By placing a bid in this auction Buyer is indicating they have researched a stallion for breeding to their satisfaction. Prior to Bidding, Buyers are encouraged to ask the seller of the breeding for additional information. All responsibility for execution of this agreement lies between the stallion owner, stallion manager, and the buyer.  Buyer agrees to abide by the terms of the stallion owner's breeding contract.

4. TRANSPORTATION FROM SELLER TO BUYER: Buyer is responsible for cost and arrangements for transportation of semen from Seller to Buyer unless otherwise stated.

5. RELEASE OF BREEDING TO BUYER:  Seller shall not release the breeding to a Buyer until Buyer has made full payment for the breeding and funds have been verified. Once bidding concludes, and Flashpoint has collected payment from the Buyer, Flashpoint will send a Buyer Confirmation Form (BCF) to the Seller.   

6. BIDDING ERRORS: Review all bids before and after submitting. If you mistakenly increase your own bid, place your bidder number in the bid field, or make a gross error you must immediately contact the Flashpoint office by email (we must have your request in writing). We may not be able to reverse your bid. You must remain the high bidder. Be aware of increasing your own bids.... some bidders increase their own bid to price an item out of reach of other bidders.  We will not reverse bids that have caused another bidder to be outbid. If you bid on the wrong item we will not reverse your bid.  Please make sure to immediately review your bid. We will not reverse bids after the auction has begun to close, there will be NO exceptions.

7. BUYER'S PREMIUM: Buyers of breedings in this auction will pay a Buyer's Premium to Flashpoint in the amount of 7% of the total price of any breeding purchased.  This premium covers costs for electronic financial transactions and providing services for Buyer accounts.

8. PAYMENT BY BUYER: At the conclusion of the auction an invoice will be emailed to Buyer. Terms of sale are cash and payment in full must be made within (3) banking days after the sale is closed. Pay Flashpoint Bloodstock, LLC in all cases. ALL SALES FINAL. Payment may be made in the form of MasterCard, Visa or American Express credit cards, cash, bank wire transfer, personal or business check with proper identification, official bank check, or valid traveler’s checks. Checks must be made out to FLASHPOINT BLOODSTOCK, LLC In no case may any part of the purchase price be paid directly to the stallion owner by the Buyer, as such payment shall not be valid or entitle the buyer to obtain the breeding. A charge of $50.00 will be made on any check that is returned. Buyer agrees not to stop payment for any reason.

9. DEFAULT ON PURCHASE: If any person shall purchase a breeding and not pay for it as prescribed above, Flashpoint and/or the Young Jumper Championships shall have the right to resell the breeding or at their option bring legal action in which event buyer agrees to pay all cost of such suit together with reasonable attorney fees as fixed by the court. In the event of resale the defaulting buyer agrees to pay all costs of resale and price deficiency, if any. Interest of 1-1/2% per month will be charged on the unpaid balance of any account not paid for as set forth in these conditions.  Information regarding defaulting purchase shall be provided to the Young Jumper Championships.

10.  NO GUARANTEE OF SERVICE: Flashpoint, and EDJE (EDJE Technologies, Inc.) do not guarantee or covenant that the Auction technology, the site or any related services will meet Buyer’s requirements or be uninterrupted or error-free. (EDJE Technologies, Inc.) does not guarantee real-time performance of any service or that it will execute all online or absentee bids.

11.  INDEMNITY: Buyer releases Flashpoint, Sale Managers, Auctioneers, employees and its representatives, and the Young Jumper Championships from any and all responsibilities, liabilities, obligations, claims, law suits, or legal proceedings arising from the sale of this entry.

12.  ADDITIONAL TERMS AND CONDITIONS: The Terms and Conditions for the use of EDJE and Flashpoint Conditions Of Sale for buyers as stated on the auction web site, are hereby incorporated by reference and made part hereof as though fully set forth herein

13.  PRIVACY POLICY: By registering as a bidder for this auction, Buyer agrees to the use of Buyer’s information by Flashpoint.  Buyer’s information will be used by Flashpoint to contact Buyer and for record keeping. Flashpoint will not sell or give Buyer’s information to any entity, except for sponsor or company that provides special services to Buyer. Buyer grants permission for Flashpoint Bloodstock, LLC. to share contact information with it’s sponsors.  In the future we may use email lists to contact Buyers.  We may do custom email promotions for customers, advertisers or organizations through our Constant Contact account. If Buyer wishes to discontinue receiving these emails, contact our office or unsubscribe through Constant Contact.

14.  SEVERABILITY: If any provision or portion of a provision of this agreement is held to be invalid or unenforceable for any reason, such provision or portion of a provision shall be struck and the remaining provisions shall be enforced.

Delivery Options:

All responsibility for this breeding and delivery of semen lies between the buyer and the stallion manager/owner.

Contact: by Flashpoint Bloodstock, LLC - 7% Buyers Premium
Charles Town,
(866) 652-7789